Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check and Check.

I just returned from Houston, having spent five days there with my husband. My kids were left in the care of homeschool family friends. It was the first time I was totally alone with my husband for so long since my oldest who is almost fourteen was born.

We neighborhood shopped and pondered commute times, pros and cons of the different areas. I researched where rowing clubs are and which areas have lacrosse teams. From home and from the Internet, I also tried figuring out what homeschool offerings were in the various areas but that is a bit hard until you have applied and been accepted into the group. I met a Twitter follower of mine (was that brave or what?) and I had fun talking to her and learned more from a private conversation than what the YahooGroups had revealed.

My husband and I met with a real estate agent and she showed us a dozen homes of our choosing. Houses are quite different in Houston compared to what is typical in Connecticut. We got an idea of what we'd like out of a home and a neighborhood but we cannot buy until the Connecticut house has sold.

So, then I went house rental and apartment hunting. Since we are looking for a short term lease our options were limited. I cringe at the idea that this house may sit on the market for a full calendar year and just don't want to think about that reality.

Our goal was to find a rent and secure a lease for a start date in July, hopefully in the general area that we'd also purchase in. The reason is I want my kids to make friends and to start placing some roots and not have to move a half hour away (or more) when it is time to buy a home. The mission was accomplished.

(The downside is where we selected in the end, mostly due to a preference for a safe neighborhood, good neighbors, a clean house and also proximity to the woods will have double the commute time for my husband compared to the area he originally thought he wanted. His new commute is still nothing compared to the Fairfield County suburb to Manhattan commute he has been doing for years. The Houston commute traffic is not unlike the situation in Connecticut actually.)

There is a long story I could tell about this whole adventure but for now I'll just say that in the last week I accomplished two things by going to Houston: I found a general area I think the kids and I would like to live in and we secured a house to rent.

Due to thunderstorms and airport closures due to inclement weather I had a hard time going both ways. Through making a right choice I did avoid that mess at O'Hare where thousands of people were stranded standing up in the terminal though. I'm still a Thinking Mother, you know!

I am so busy with regular life and the move prep that my head is spinning. I haven't gone bananas yet. I'm happy and excited about this new adventure.

Oh, and yes, that Texas economy is booming! I haven't seen life happening like that since the peak of the economy here in Connecticut. The Northeast is a total mess compared to what is happening down in Texas, and honestly, I can't wait to get out of here and down to where a better life can be lived.

I apologize in advance if my blogging is lighter while I am physically and emotionally occupied.


Lea Ann Garfias said...

This reminds me so much of our move from CT to the Dallas area 5 years ago. We have been so happy in TX, and our family has really thrived. Enjoy the adventure, and welcome to the Lone Star State!

Stop Smoking Helper said...

We're actually moving from Dallas to the pacific NW, a town called Sequim (population 5,000). Texas is very homeschool friendly. Surprisingly, where we're moving is too, although nothing compares to Texas in that regard.

It is an adventure, isn't it? Nerve racking and spine tingling all at the same time, in both good and bad ways. Good luck with the move.

Sam(antha) Burns said...

I couldn't imagine leaving the wilderness of Maine for a place like Texas; but I wish you all the best, and I hope your family's transition goes as smoothly as possible.