Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Orphans

I've been culling books and have slotted several thousand for donation to area libraries for the annual Friends of the Library fundraiser sales. Sadly, my own town's library is not accepting donations now so I'm giving back to area libraries whose services I have either used or who I bought these used books from in the first place.

My goal is to cut my book collection at least in half. The so-called collection includes books we have used in our home school or ones I thought we'd use but we didn't need due to having an abundance of materials or just not enough time.

I phoned this library to ask about donating and was instructed to please not bring them that day, but the next morning would be fine. I was surprised to see that the books which were packed up filled the entire back of my minivan including where the third row of seats goes. They also filled one passenger seat and floor. The poor minivan was stressed so I drove the speed limit and took all turns and speedbumps carefully out of fear of breaking the axle or wrecking the suspension. As I drove I imagined that my intended good deed may cost us thousands of dollars in minivan repairs!

When I arrived at the library I was told that the donation area was full and awaiting volunteer help to dispurse it to the storage room. I was told there was no place indoors to put my books that was not a fire code violation so was told to leave my books on the curb! We've had rain daily here for what seems like a month so although it was sunny at that moment I was petrified to think that my books may get wrecked.

I breathed deep and let go. My sons and I put the books out on the curb, took some photos (of course) and I said goodbye.

(Don't they look sad on the curb though?)

Some of those stacks are two rows deep!


Diane said...

Wow, that is alot of books. Somebody is going to be really happy to get some of those. Wish I lived near by to peruse through the stacks.

wonderinthewoods said...

Have you thought about using It's Deductible for your donations? I'm quite surprised at the write off for books that is automatically calculated in the program. One weekend I went through clothes, books and games and my husband quickly totalled $500 in donations with It's Deductible. Worth looking into... :) I feel the same way about my books and your other resource post looks like my shelves. They were most helpful to me getting started too. ~Cori

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Oh my! What a treasure! Maybe some booklover came along before the garbage men!