Saturday, May 07, 2011

My Son's Perfectionist Statement

My ten year old son is a perfectionist. We have discussed perfectionism and its pitfalls. I am trying to get him to reform his ways. I know of the trials a perfectionist can have in life since I am one of them. I've been trying to reform myself for years.

Just now my son asked if being a perfectionist is a good or bad thing.

I didn't want to use the label of good or bad, so I replied that I think it is a hard thing to be, that living with that mindset is not easy.

He replied that he thinks that being a perfectionist is a waste of one's time. He then said that he imagines a perfectionist on his deathbed about to die who is only thinking, "Oh! This sheet is not perfectly lined up!"

Welcome to my world. I get these philosophical musings and random odd reflections all day long. Well at least it keeps me entertained.

(I do appreciate my time with my kids. If I were not an at home mom and homeschooling I'd miss out on such fun.)


Joyful Learner said...

Love this!

Eliza S said...

Hi, happy Mother's Day. I found your blog because I went for a walk in the woods yesterday with the dog and found a tick crawling on my shirt yesterday and another latched on to my neck today. Your photo card makes it absolutely clear that it's a dog tick, luckily. But I took a quick look at your blog and liked what I saw. My boy is nearly 19 now and at Oberlin College, but what you were saying reminded me of the period when he became obsessed with studying the Constitution. He was 10, maybe 11, and sounding as if he was well on the way to becoming a Chief Justice. Very unnerving, because I will admit that though I have read a lot of great literature, I don't think I've ever read more than an isolated occasional sentence in the Constitution.