Monday, May 09, 2011

It's Lacrosse Season

My younger son is on the right.

One of the things keeping us busy is that it is lacrosse season again. My younger son is playing on a travel team for the second year.  Presently the team practices or plays games 3-5 times a week. This year it seems to me they are getting together less; perhaps the field closures due to all the rain we've had is the reason?

In preparation for this season my son did four different clinics spanning from September through March, practicing almost every week in that time. Since he didn't do any other sport in the fall or winter he had time to do the extra lacrosse clinics. He still has a lot to learn but so do all of these ten year olds. Even those who have good individual skills need to learn more about being a good team player and they need to improve their game play strategy.

My son is happy to be on the team and is looking forward to playing each year. The road has been bumpy with some minor bullying and taunting which has been stopped after I asked the head coach to address the situation. There are positive and negative influences from the other kids; I don't seek to shelter my son from the real world so I'm trying to teach him to deal with the nonsense and to face it and to cope with it, I don't want to just pull him off the team due to what I feel is just "typical behavior" of children (or boys). Some of my friends have suggested we quit and shelter our son from what they think is "imperfect behavior" but I don't think that's a good idea. Honestly I don't think there is any such thing as a perfectly behaving child, homeschooled or not, religious or not; parents who think their child is without a flaw of some kind are probably viewing their kids through jaded eyes.

My son's coach is already psyching these fifth graders up to compete on the public high school team, the idea being to learn good playing skills in these middle school years and be ready to compete seriously in grade nine.  My son loves the idea of playing on a high school team, so now he's asking to go to public high school in town so he can see his LAX buddies all day at school and then to keep playing with them in the high school years.

I am not even commenting on that request as honestly I don't know if we'll even be living in this town (or state) then. My husband and I feel that school is for learning and academic education and so I struggle with the idea of choosing to attend a school or public school just to access playing a team sport at that specific school. We feel if given the choice to homeschool or use school, or if we have an option of which school to use, we'd decide based on the quality of the academics as the top qualifier, not based on the sports they have available or who has a better team for a specific sport.

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just wrote out a huge long comment about homeschooling in TX, engineering and science programs in Houston and greater TX etc...when I am in Houston etc...


We love Texas and hope you will too.
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