Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reading, Ideas, and the SAT

"One of the hardest things PSAT/SAT teachers and tutors have to deal with when prepping students for standardized tests is a general lack of reading skills and familiarity with good writing. The PSAT and SAT can be gamed only so much with strategy and guile, but if a test taker simply has not read enough quality material in her sixteen-odd years of existence, achieving upper-level scores can be extremely difficult."

"The important thing is that your child is exposed to new ideas, arguments, and words....and enjoys dealing with them."

page xvii, Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT Premier 2011



Hear, hear!


The Marlboro Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by The Marlboro Woman. What a cute blog you have--I love books and book reviews. I've added you to my feed reader. Keep up the great work!

K said...

Reading a lot and reading a lot of GOOD literature worked here. Katie studied for the SAT but not terribly hard, most of her studying was for the math portion. She did a couple practice tests for the critical reading. No tutors or classes.
She got a 770 on her CR portion. I think most of that score can be attributed to her reading works of literature, a lot of them, understanding and enjoying them also.

K said...

Katie didn't take a single SAT prep class. For the CR portion she just did a couple practice tests. Most of her SAT studying was devoted to the math which is not her strong suit.
She received a 770 on the CR portion of the SAT. What did she do? Read. A lot. Good literature. Original works, unabridged. It worked for us!

The Cast said...

Good advice!