Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Exposure Field Guide Book Review by ChristineMM

Title: The Exposure Field Guide
Author: Michael Freeman

My Star Rating: 3 stars out of 5: It's Okay

Summary Statement: Teeny Tiny Font Not Working For Me – It's a 190 Page Mini Book -- Not a Quick Reference Field Guide

I ordered this book via the Internet from Amazon without knowing its dimensions and having never seen it in real life. When it arrived I was surprised to find a little 4x6 inch book. At 190 pages and filled with really small font, imagine a regular photography book but shrunk down in size to make it portable to take with you in the field or to keep in your camera bag.

I find the very small font hard to read, and I’m not quite at the stage of life where I need reading glasses. This reads like a regular book which means I’m sitting at home reading it as if it were a regular book and wondering if I should find a magnifying glass. The smallest font is one millimeter tall!

So it is meant to be carried with you in the field – the truth is, I cannot imagine taking this book around with me when I’m shooting and reading it in the field, because it is not a quick reference cheat sheet type of product. It’s 190 pages for goodness sake; it’s just a real book in miniature!

As for the writing, this is the first Michael Freeman book I’ve read and I really like his writing style. I can understand it, it is very clear. Some problems I’ve been trying to teach myself to handle by myself on the fly are laid out in the book with solutions so I am excited to now know this information. Freeman’s photographs are amazing and the book engages me.

What I would like though, is a product that is a true field guide that is short (not 200 pages long) and small but has larger font. I want a quick reference guide to thumb through and find solutions to while I’m in the field. I wonder if any such thing is available on the market?

Since the writing and photography of the photographer/author Freeman are high quality but since the format designed by the publisher is not working for me I am torn about how to rate the book. The writing, directions, and photography are a 5 star rating but the format of the book and the general concept gets a 1 star. I’ll rate it 3 stars, the average of the two. With that said I now highly recommend books by Michael Freeman. If these miniature books with tiny font appeal to you, check out this and other field guides published by Focal Press. If you don’t like a mini book layout check out Michael Freeman’s traditional sized books, he has a large variety of books in print.

Disclosure Statement: I received a review copy of this book from's Vine program. I was under no obligation to review it favorably on their site nor was I paid to write the review or to blog it. For my blog's full disclosure statement see the link at the top of my blog's sidebar.


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