Thursday, March 17, 2011

Latest Blog Comment Spam Tactics

I will no longer publish any blog comments with a hotlink in the body of the comment for two reasons.

1. The latest tactic is to write longer comments that are honestly relevant to the blog post topic which agree with the blogger's opinion, including why. There is usually a believable compliment there, nothing over the top or suspicious. But then the link provided is a commercial business sometimes that sells the product or thing that the blog post was against.

2. The link I clicked today to check out before approving the comment led me to a commercial site on the blog post's comment but then an attempt to automatically download malware or spyware onto my PC began.

Red Flags

1. Some of the blog posts being spammed are years old but are relevant topics.

2. The link is inside the body of the comment rather than showing up as a link via the google account such as linking to go to another personal blog.

Note on Anonymous Comments

I don't accept anonymous comments as they are most often just spam or even llinks to pornographic or child porn sites, and the rest are just cowards who want to write a rude comment and are too scared to link it to some real account they hold with google or using OpenID.


Crystal Jeffers said...

I got one of those types of comments a couple months back. The post was on a new blog and was poorly written. They did not even attempt to hide their link into a comment that made it relevant. I simply have my comments set to be moderated. I publish them all except the ones that are clearly spam, like the one I mentioned. I even post the ones who dont agree with me because my opinion is not the only one that counts. ;)

Sarah said...

This types of comments are common these days. I infact saw a company which provides commercial blog commenting service to companies online.

I dont know where the internet is going.

Crimson Wife said...

Pardon my ignorance, but are you blocking any comment that includes a link? I can understand wanting to block spam but what about relevant, legitimate links?

ChristineMM said...

Inside the body of the comment I'm not letting links through as every single one I've gotten in the last few weeks is spam and not at all relevant to anything the commenter said or my blog post

ChristineMM said...

Update I am getting to the bottom of this. I have a hypothesis I'm working with.

It seems that some homeschool bloggers have accepted ad income from certain companies. Then within the body of their blog posts there are random links by keywords to the sponsor's ads. Also those bloggers, when making comments on other blogs, have random links in the body of their comments or just put at the end. With both the blog post and the comments the link doesn't make sense with what they are saying in the post or the comment.

I will not have ads placed on my blog when I AM NOT GETTING PAID.