Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do What You Think Is Best For Homeschooling

Today I had an epiphany. You cannot go wrong if after your research, thinking, praying and whatever other counsel advises you to do a certain thing, if you do it. Even if one or more people try to get you to do something different do NOT change course if it means going against what you feel is right in your gut and what you think is right based on your research.

The reason is sometimes after you forge down a path, even against odds, when and if the naysayers or dissuaders come around to 'see the light' and they join you on the path later on, you will not have been led astray by them making their own mistakes. Imagine how wrong it would be to allow yourself to have gone off the rails to join them when they later came to see what you felt was right in the first place, after they've abandoned their Plan A.

I have gone through a few situations where others said they felt I was making a choice that seemed wrong to them. Later they joined me the path I was on. It's amazing how they don't address this, don't apologize for their past behaviors, or tell you "you were right all along". There is nothing said buy you clearly see their action and that now they're doing what you are doing.

The proof is in the pudding. See reality for what it is and you be the judge of your own family's situation. Do not wait for outsiders to compliment you or to reaffirm what you know to be right and best. Even if later they do what you have been doing for years, don't expect a compliment that you've done a good job or that you made a wise choice.

The other thing I've been hearing from homeschooling parents with college aged kids I am already seeing to be real in my family's life: that in the end it's just you and your family and all those other people are gone. The homeschool moms who you may have seen multiple times a week for years may be gone. People drift apart or move or quit homeschooling. In the end you've got your spouse and kids and you will live with the results of whatever your homeschooling produced. Both your cheerleaders and your naysayers will probably be out of your life, then what? Therefore, do what feels right for your family as they're the ones you'll be living with or be around for the rest of your life.


kat said...

So true. While I like the idea of a classical curriculum or unschooling, I know that a traditional school-at-home program is best for me and for my family. I'm the one who has to make it work, to get all 6 of these chidlren educated and ready to make their way in the world. So far, after 7 years of doing it this way, I see the fruits of my labor and am glad I didn't flit around from one style to another, but stuck to the way that suits us best.

Amber said...

Yep. It just doesn't matter much what anybody else thinks except God. We know our families better than any outsiders. We all have to have confidence in what we're doing. Sometimes that can be tough if it seems like you're surrounded by nothing but naysayers, though. :)