Friday, November 26, 2010

Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla Coffee Product Review by ChristineMM

Starbucks French Roast (an unflavored, dark roast) is my favorite coffee which I buy in bean form and brew at home. I also enjoy splurging on fresh coffees from Starbucks coffee shops occasionally.

I had not tried Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla until now, and am happy with this because it has a good vanilla flavor.

Although I love the idea of vanilla flavored coffee, in the past, all the other coffee brands I’ve tasted which are served in restaurants, various coffee shops and take out restaurants (i.e. deli’s and gas stations) had a fake chemical taste that I disliked. So in the past I avoided any flavored coffees.

I have also tried some creamer products with vanilla and hazelnut flavors (not made by Starbucks) but those have a sweetner in them that has a strange, too-sweet taste for me.

When I saw both the Starbuck’s brand and the fact that this was a NATURAL vanilla flavor (made with vanilla beans) I decided to try it and I’m happy with it. It has a medium roast good flavor of Starbucks coffee with a vanilla taste that is not chemical-fake tasting and lacks odd aftertastes and the only sweetness is from whatever sweeter we choose to add.

Bravo Starbucks! Your “Natural Fusions Vanilla” coffee is just right!

Bonus: my package states (on the side) that if we bring the empty bag to a Starbucks coffee shop within 30 days of the “best by” date they will give us a free 12 ounce freshly brewed coffee at no charge!

Disclosure: I received an 11 ounce bag of coffee (approximate value $9) from the Amazon Vine product review program. I was not paid to write this review nor was I under obligation to write a positive review. For my blog’s full disclosure statement see the link at the top of my blog’s sidebar.

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