Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Prince Back?

I heard this song on the radio and swore it was Prince. The tone of voice and also the music and the entire style sounds like 1980s Prince to me. It brought me right back and made me feel like I was a teenager again, hearing a new Prince tune.

Here's an article in which the band admits to copying Prince's style. I don't like the idea of copying a muscian's style. I'm in favor of developing one's own style of art and music.
Regarding the video which I watched to see if Prince was actually the singer in a new band called OK Go, I have these comments:

1. This is one of the lamest videos I've ever seen.

2. This is very low budget. Wow.

3. Is it me or is all this stuff from IKEA?

4. The dogs act more human than the people, who are too robotic.

5. This is a silly video.



Jeannie said...

If you only knew how many people have plugged this video on Facebook and on their blogs. My daughter loves it...she's 11 and has a thing for dogs. But, I think everything you pointed out was purposely included in the video. Watch the rest of their videos. There's one on tread mills and one with a mousetrap-esque contraption. Funny, my son just walked by and said, "Can I watch the doggy video?" Some things are beyond explanation. Go figure.

Love your blog! Jeannie

Sandra Foyt said...

OK, so now you've peaked my curiosity!