Monday, November 22, 2010


My cat, not the cooking spice. She was rescued from the streets of Bridgeport, born to a feral stray mother cat and gathered up by "crazy cat ladies" (a term I use with the utmost respect) who then dedicated hours and hours of their time and also their personal money to care for wee little kittens then to work to get them adopted to loving homes. The ladies we worked with insisted we adopt two kittens at once (that was back in 2005).

Photo was taken to test my Droid camera back in April 2010 on the day we bought it. The light is just right here and captured the look of her soft fur. Sometimes photographing cats is tricky business. Her ears are back and she's a bit tiffed but the photo caught her fur nicely and her eye color.


K said...

My cat is a better subject than my children 99% of the time!

of course my absolute favorite pic of Pumpkin isn't on this computer :(

You would never know that this oh so loving, lap cat was born in a woodpile to a feral mom.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Beautiful picture. We seem to capture only the offended looks from our cats, possibly because we don't often try for profile pictures. However, we achieved one fun photo of one of our older cats apparently reading a picture book.