Monday, November 08, 2010

Enjoy Your Homeschool Journey

I've been thinking for the last month that we should really check ourselves to see if we're enjoying our homeschooling journey.

With the academic worries I've been through this fall and the changes due to joining new group homeschooling endeavors life has been chaotic here. We have all been stressed out. Even my husband has been affected negatively by the kids and my too-busy schedule. I thought the new things we started doing this fall would relieve stress and improve my children's learning and mastery of academic content. How much of that is really happening in relation to the time dedicated to being in all those places is not enough.

One reason I was tempted to put my older son in school next year for high school was I had a vision of me being happier and more joyful doing that than I was feeling at the moment. It was a seductive thought.

I can't tell you how happy I'm feeling since my husband and I made some decisions about quitting some of these homeschool endeavors when they end this term. There is one more decision that needs to be made after a parent meeting is held at the end of this week. Until I hear what is said I have no idea if I will continue or quit that thing. I am also relieved to know I have a solid plan for homeschooling my fifth grader with a goal to enter high school in ninth grade.

We are all feeling happier in these last couple of weeks knowing that change and relief is in sight. Change has already started to happen because my son's new sport ended last week and he's not going to do it again this winter. That is due to their new schedule which increases to three nights a week and directly conflicts with both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. We have also placed academics on a higher priority and my older son needs the time to do his homework for homeschool classes with paid teachers.

I feel hopeful and happy about our homeschooling now, even though I have another six weeks of living a hectic schedule. It feels fantastic.

Homeschooling should be joyful and happy not something that one relates primarily with stress and worry and fear.

The rest of this homeschool year will involve harder academics, more disciplined studies, learning more 'school like' things like note taking, reviewing content, studying for tests, and test taking (for both content of topics they are learning now and standardized tests). The rest of this homeschool year will be more home education and less academics at places outside of home with paid teachers.

I envision the increase harder work done in a relaxed home with 1:1 tutoring by me with each child working separately from the other, to be a more effective use of our time. The pace of our life will slow and our home will be more peaceful.

How's the harmony in your home?

How's the pace of your life?

Are you too busy also?

If this were your last year of homeschooling how would you like to spend it?

Think about what changes you might make to create memories of homeschooling that are happier (however you define that). Then start to make changes. You'll be happy you did.


Mimi said...

Great post, I'm linking it in my blog. The less we have scheduled outside the home....the happier we ALL are :)

Sisterlisa said...

I think posts like this are so good, every now and then we really need to ask ourselves these questions. Some days it gets burdensome and we take a break and head out with our cameras to enjoy this lovely world.

Pamela said...

It's so easy to get over scheduled and crazy with activities, and it can end up being more stressful than fun. We seem to do it seasonally, going from busy to slow. It's nice to see that light at the end of the tunnel though, and know that a more simple schedule is on the horizon.