Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Posting is sporadic this week due to an untimely and sudden death of a person close to us.

Add to the list of my life experiences, being with the family at the hospital when they had to make the decision as to whether to discontinue life support, and being at their side when they followed through. What a terrible situation to be in, something so hard to see. The family needed us, so we stayed to support them.

My husband has lost his best friend, who is also a relative. My children are devastated since he was friendly and treated them like real people, actually talked to them, and he loved them, and they knew it.

This is too close to home for me, he was in my father's high school class, they are the same age. This makes me think that any day my father could drop dead at any moment as well. I loved this man and sometimes have wished he was my own father, wondering how my life would have been different if I'd been raised by a father like that, one with so many different qualities than my own father's.

The man was a long-time vigorous exerciser, having won two triathalons in his division last month. He was healthy, according to doctors, so the sudden massive heart attack while on a bike ride on a crisp sunny autumn morning came out of the blue.

Instead of reading my non-existant blog post for yesterday, I suggest that we all take two minutes to review the CPR procedure so if someone needs your help we can assist above and beyond dialing 911 on our mobile phone. Simplified directions are here. Making the call is just not good enough. Precious minutes pass while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. You may be able to save someone's brain someday, which will save their life.

Many people's lives are affected by this man's life ending, I'm saddest for his wife, two daughters and his two young grandchildren. I'm broken hearted.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

My condolences to you and your family.

Bethany said...

so very sorry. may there be grace and peace in your path, and theirs.