Monday, September 13, 2010

...and a Great Day Today

Coming off our all time low with homeschooling yesterday (in which my husband suddenly was worried about the quality of our older son's education for the upcoming high school years and declared we were sending him to school) we had a great day today.

If you don't know what I'm referring to see yesterday's blog post and the comments. I will clarify one thing. I do believe I can figure out by research what needs doing for homeschool high school. I'm just worried that the choices I'm making are taking us off course (doing too many homeschool co-op's). I also worry of joining in with groups for a long-term committment if they are heading in a different direction than my son wants to go, or needs to go in order to meet his goals. Lastly one reason to do these co-op's is for social reasons for my younger son. It is sometimes hard to do what is right for both kids when the two kids need to be in two different places at the same time doing two very different things. The only thing I have to rely on for the future is when my older son can stay home alone more frequently to do his school work while I am out elsewhere getting my younger son's social needs met. Back to today...

One of the homeschool co-op's resumed session today. This time I'm teaching three classes (alone) and co-teaching a fourth. I couldn't be happier with how it went. I am impressed by the students especially those in my two discussion classes, the 7th-10th graders. They are not afraid to discuss things, are clearly independent thinkers, have good common sense, can speak eloquently and express their opinions clearly. They made rational arguments for their reasonings and showed disgust at the ridiculousness that exists in some New York Times newspaper articles and in advertisements.

I'd also worried that two classes would be boring but I somehow made them fun. Only one in eighteen students appeared to not be happy with being in a course.

I'm so happy with the day that the fact that my PC with un-backed up documents (nine years worth) which was infected with Security Suite virus yesterday, and again today, didn't get me down. It's fixed now thanks to the verbal help from an IT guy that my husband works with. I also didn't lose any data.

It's been a busy good day!


megan said...

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