Sunday, August 29, 2010

Study Aid Idea: Audio Recordings in MP3 Format

A friend who I met through the local homeschool community, Kim McNeill, introduced me to Audacity software. This is a free downloadable software which she used to make some podcasts (with me). Kim did all the learning and work on editing. I always wanted to podcast, I thought, but realized I have no interest in learning the recording and editing part, so in the end, podcasting is not for me.

However this Audacity software is easy to use. I realized immediately, its potential as a study aid.

A student or the homeschool parent can make recordings of their voice and save it as an MP3 file. This can be loaded onto an MP3 player or burned to a CD. The student may study by listening to the recordings.

I started this project a couple of weeks ago and got busy before I had a finished product. I want to finish up the learning process so we can move onto using it. But in the meantime I wanted to share this idea with my readers. Perhaps you'll find this of use?


luv2ski said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for posting this. I'll be teaching a French class for homeschoolers this fall, and this is a great idea for reinforcing the lessons at home. I'll have to check this out!


J. Bramlett said...

I have been thinking of doing something just like this for my daughter. She is blind and I think putting some lessons to lyrics and recording them would really help her. We are buying her an MP3 for her birthday so it would be perfect to add to her playlist.