Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Thoughts About What I've Been Up To Lately

Today I barely thought about homeschooling which is a good thing I think. It was nice to stop planning and worrying about the schedule being over-booked. Instead I spent a whole day working on projects in the house. None were fun but both were necessary. I feel the urge to get things in order before chaos beings. So I'm happy that the laundry room was totally decluttered and cleaned and that I tackled more corners in the basment by decluttering and tidying up. I got out in the garden only to harvest which was bountiful with tomatoes, cukes, eggplant and a ton of basil.

I was offered a gig to make money via the blog but I am not supposed to be a person against high fructose corn syrup so there goes that. I refuse to pretend to earn money so add that to the list of why my blog isn't making me much money.

I decided against an ad campaign that would encourage readers to sign up to be a member of something (free) to get email junk mail from them. At $3 per registrant I was tempted but my email inbox is full of junk mail and honestly I care more about people being less inundated than making $3 per person. Again add that to the list of why I'm not getting rich from this blog.

I turned down a few product reviews and some free review copies of books. I just don't have time to read and use the stuff let alone to review it. I am trying to focus and prioritize.

It's an important time for my husband's job. I am not complaining but just saying that him working more than fifteen hours a day takes adjustment. The whole family dynamic has shifted and I have more on my shoulders than ever before. The kids miss him and that is hard for me to see.

I am thrilled to announce that my kids were bored today. Boredom is good for a person. They've been getting along great since my son returned from being away for twelve days at the National Boy Scout Jamboree.

I sat on a Boy Scout Eagle Board of Review for an always-homeschooled, now 18 year old. I didn't know what to expect, it basically was like a job interview at a corporation (I know this as I used to be an interviewer). It was difficult to see an eighteen year old answering such difficult questions, it must have felt tough for him but he handled it well. In a discussion of how he thinks most people today, especially teen, lack loyalty, he was so eloquent and his thoughts so deep I actually got a tear in my eye. He really revealed that he's become a mature young man and I'm so proud of his parents for doing such a great job. I can only hope I do as well. (He was largely unschooled but is such a driven autodidact he was doing things like teaching himself Mandarin Chinese, Hindu and is now starting Arabic.)

People all around me are talking about extroversion and introversion. After a talk with a friend she admitted she is very introverted, something I'd not realized. She explained to me that meetings and group discussions literally tax her and drain her. I have come to the conclusion that truly I'm an extrovert. In various quizzes I've taken over the years I come out 50% with one result and 50% with another so I never really knew (or cared too much about the topic to be honest). I do love my alone time and I do need a certain amount of time alone to recharge sometimes. As I told my friend if I'm around jerks or have to sit through long painful meetings with nonsense going on I get sapped of energy also which I frankly think is normal for all types of people!

However I do need interaction with people. This must be why I have, since leaving my career, looked outward to make connections with like-minded people. First it was face to face group meetings then it was Internet chat boards and now blogging, Facebook and Twitter. However I realize the downside to all that online stuff and it honestly doesn't replace real life friends and seeing people face to face, or a good long phone call. I need my friends and acquaintences. I need to be around people or I can start to chomp at the bit and I get a little cagey. I need other people for their energy, support, ideas and comraderie.

I continue to pull back from helping strangers learn about homeschooling but have committed to multiple tasks for homeschoolers in my immediate circle. I'll be teaching at two separate homeschool co-ops this fall. I am organizing and facilitating some other classes. I have been busy going to planning meetings for a new homeschool project. My mind is on all of that and that takes a lot of time.

There's a lot of stuff happening here. Our home was broken into (but nothing stolen as they left when the alarm went off); we were out of state at the time, thank goodness. It has me in a bit of an annoyed state for multiple reasons that I'd like to share but think I'd better not share. I have a longer blog post in draft but it may be too personal to ever publish and maybe some of it really should just be not stated in writing.

I'll just say that you can add to my parenting challenge list, helping a ten year old deal with anxiety about being scared that the house will be broken into and possibly after dark when he's asleep in a bedroom other than mine. And I'm wondering if it's time to invest in window treatments for the first floor as I feel like I'm living in a fishbowl now more than ever.

Lately I have a lot of balls juggling in the air and so much I'd like to blog about. I either have no time to blog what I'm doing in real life or I am so busy doing stuff that I am not having deep thoughts that I feel the need to write about and share on the blog. I can only hope something I'm saying lately is interesting to some of you. My first priority is living my life not blogging and I am sure that 99% of you can understand that it's a right and good mindset to have.

My husband's computer continues its slow death all the while I'm at risk for losing our family photographs, which just might be the death of me. We are trying to deal with that project but you can't move stuff off a hard drive if the hardrive won't even run. Sigh. Perhaps this weekend it can get done then we can trash that hard drive once and for all. (I think it's at least twelve years old!)

I'm in a very good place with feeling grateful for the life I have. It's a great feeling.

I have a few more gray hairs and got a highlight to try to hide some of it. I don't mind some grays but do they all have to be right in my bangs? Thank goodness they have organic hair coloring so I don't feel I'm putting one more nail in my coffin by starting regular highlighting.

Now if I could only drop fifteen or twenty pounds I'd be thrilled also with my physical self. Well, I'm healthy, and that's most important, right?

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Jenny said...

I'd like to comment on one little thing you said because a good friend just lost her hard drive along with all of their pictures and she is devastated. If there is any way you can do it, check out the online backup services to see if you can get all your pics stored offsite.

We use Mozy and they have a free service for up to 2GB ( Not enough for the pics, but enough to get you started. I convinced my mom to sign up because I couldn't handle the though of getting a call from her after she lost all her files because her hard drive was toast. Totally worth the cost to us.

If you don't want to use Mozy, there are plenty of other services out there and you can pick the one that works best for you. Good luck!