Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New York Public Library Student Planner Review by ChristineMM

Title: The New York Public Library Student Planner August 2010 to August 2011

My Star Rating: 5 stars out of 5

My Summary Statement: Different and Better Than Other Student Planner Calendars; Great for Homeschooled Students Too!, August 21, 2010

After looking at all the student planners available in a big chain bookstore in person, when I saw this one, person I knew it was right for my son (in grade 8). This calendar is for August 2010 to August 2011.

The bulk of the planner is the weekly planner section which I'll focus my review on.

The main body of the planner has a column for Monday-Friday that runs the length of the page with three topic sections in boxes. This is a different style than other planners which have just one section for assignments/homework. The larger section has 18 lines for "assignments and meetings" then there is a section with 9 lines for "study schedule" then a section with 7 lines for "extracurricular". Then there are small boxes for Saturday and Sunday with 7 lines each.

Every other planner I've seen just has one giant area for homework and assignments for each day which neglects to help track other appointments like a before school appointment or after school meeting, for a private music lesson or even a doctor's appoinment that happens on a regular school day. Kids do have appointments other than just attending school so this should be able to be tracked but most student planners focus on school homework lists not the student as a person with a life outside of school. I liked how we can write in the day's appointments and meetings in the top part then the extracurricular appointments at the bottom section and then work to be done independently in the "study schedule" area.

Once the days fill up with appointments and extracurriculars the student cannot help but think about time management for homework and studying. How they can fit it all in is something they can't help but ask themselves. If they are really busy on a Wednesday but a paper is due at the end of the week they'll have to think about having to fit in time to work on that earlier in the week, and noting that in the 'study schedule' box.

This is a great planner for schooled students.

Great for Homeschoolers Too

This not only is this planner good for schooled kids, but it better suits the needs of homeschooled kids (like my son) than the other style of planner. Since we have appointments during the day for academic classes to be held at various places and for some homeschool co-op days this easily can be written into the "assignments and meetings" area which I consider the general daytime hours. His dental and medical appointments can be written in. Sports and Boy Scouts, his two main extracurricular activities that happen in the evening, will be written in the "extracurricular" area.

This is a great planer for homeschooled students also.

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