Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beer Can Chicken Attempt

In July while in Cape Cod with access only to a propane gas grill we attempted to make Beer Can Chicken. I've wanted to try it since seeing it praised highly on various FoodTV shows. This recipe was from somewhere on the Food Network site (sorry I don't recall which).

I'm deeming this first attempt a failure but figured I'd share the photos as they are kind of funny.

This seemed like way too much smoke to me. The temperature is much harder to control on this Weber gas grill than the Weber charcoal grill we have at our home.

The flames were going up the sides of the chicken. This was the second red flag of a possible failure. Also, one of these kept tipping over as it was unsteady on the grill's cooking surface. We added a rack thing intended for grilling vegetables under one of them.

This poor chicken's foot was on fire and it was trying to run away. I was now very concerned for how this would turn out but seeing this really made me crack up.

While the skin was burned and not edible the meat was tender and moist. However it had no real flavor, other than the outermost had a burn flavor and the inner meat had no flavor at all.


ilovepoptarts said...

I've always wanted to try this. I love beer and I love chicken!

Josh King said...


I work for The Food Network on the show The Kitchen and would like to ask to potentially use your flaming chicken photo on one of our segments. The segment is called #foodfails, this is where the hosts are shown photos of failed recipes and they give tips on why it happened and how to correct it.

If you would be interested in helping us out please email me at for more information.


Josh King
Production Assistant
The Food Network