Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Trip to the Drive-In Movie Theatre

While in Cape Cod in July 2010 we did a family tradition: attending the Wellfleet Drive-In Movie Theatre which opened in 1957. Much of the place is the same now as it was then.

Here are some photos I snapped casually with my camera phone. Some I took from the moving car as we drove in and others waiting for the sun to set. (As per my husband's wishes his photo does not appear in this blog post, or any other post on my blog, but he was with us!)

We had a great time. There was a steady breeze which kept the bugs away. It was a cool evening so we were comfortable. Toy Story 3 was great, and Karate Kid was good, but a bit boring in parts and seemed too long.

We let our kids go to the snack bar alone. They were gone for a long time which made me nervous but it was just due to long lines. I'm letting them to more and more things by themselves rather than always supevising them. You can see them walking back in one photo.

Also pictured is my son on that dangerous yet my favorite playground ride when I was a child. The one that some call a Merry Go-Round. You hold the bar and run like crazy then jump on and let it spin. Some kids just sit still for the ride and other kids run non-stop. This thing was flying. This ride has been banned and removed from every other playground we visit. I was happy my son got to use one.

I will admit that some kids were falling off the fast moving ride due to not holding on tight, and getting hurt  with mild injuries (ankles or scraped skin). Other (stupid kids) were jumping off bravely only to realize it was a dumb idea. One kid came inches from hitting his head on the wooden fence when he came off the thing, he could have been paralyzed or killed at worst. So while I celebrate that such fun rides are still in some places as a mother I was a bit leery, especially with so many kids on it at once and some teenagers running the thing with kids as young as two years old also on it. It was also really loud there and kids (girls) were screaming and screeching so it was hard to shout advice like, "Don't get off the thing until it stops, it's going too fast!".

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