Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pre-Algebra Plan Decided Upon

I have been struggling to decide what curriculum to use for prep before Algebra 1. Note my careful selection of words there.

I am not happy with Pre-Algebra curriculums. The first half of the year seems to be review of K-7 math (everything) then the second half is the easiest, beginning part of Algebra I. I'm not interested in review and repetition of stuff already mastered. I also don't want to spend (waste) a full year on that endeavor. I expect this can be gotten through in two-four months.

I cannot find a curriculum that is right or perfect as I am trying to use a designed-for-all program with a unique student. (Honestly all students are unique.)

I have made a plan. Note I did not say I found a curriculum.

The plan is I am going to survey all my (to be) eighth grader's math concepts. Gaps will be taught by ME using various curricula (whatever works). Once the review is done and I feel he has mastered it all or reviewed it to refresh his memory and that he's ready, he will plunge into Algebra I in this eighth grade year.

I'll figure out what curricula he's using later. At present I'm seriously investigating Art of Problem Solving using the textbooks and perhaps their online classes. I want to find a best fit for this son who is a very right brained (visual spatial) type learner. Most math programs are very left brained approaches that take something simple and make it very hard for a person whose mind works in another way to learn from.

The long-term goal for this son is before college attendance for an engineering major to have completed:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Calculus I

We have five years until this boy starts college. It is hard to believe. Suddenly time feels like it is flying. The pressure is on.


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