Friday, July 02, 2010

Onward and Upward

After three summer programs at Yale University's Community Rowing program my to-be eighth grader is expanding his crew experience to join a team beginning in the fall.

After the disappointment with Little League when he was six years old he stayed away from team sports. The almost-a-teenager needs more exercise and we'll give this a try.

It becomes difficult to find community-based sports in middle school and even worse in high school. Crew goes through age 18 and after that the adult league can be pursued.

I should explain one challenge we have in Connecticut is homeschoolers are not allowed to play sports through the public school system despite us paying full property taxes. (We get no refund due to not using the schools.) To do a team sport we must look to the community. Options are limited.

I'm tempted to join the adults myself but can't figure out how to juggle child care, homeschooling and the kid's activities.

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