Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emily Dickinson's Herbarium

A herbalist I know posted on Facebook today, her joy of viewing the facsimile book Emily Dickinson's Herbarium, a facsimile of Dickinson's nature journal containing pressed plants.

I hadn't heard of the book. The cost is daunting (full retail is over $135).

Harvard owns the original and since it was fragile it was not something that could be viewed in person until the facsimile book was published in 2006. I found the Harvard website has scans of the pages for free cyber-viewing. I also found this plant list on another site with links to read more about each plant on the Internet.

Today I was feeling a bit like the Internet is replacing valuable face to face interpersonal relations but now that I viewed this and had a few other positive Internet cyber-relations today I've been restored to "the Internet is awesome and I honestly don't think I could live without it" mindset.

Now...I'm logging off to get back to that escape read hardcover bound book I'm reading...

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Jennifer said...

It is gorgeous isn't it? I wonder how she pressed her flowers. With one of those old fashioned pressers I guess.