Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Computer Problems

Apologies for the gap in blogging lately. We are having computer problems with no less than three pieces of technology at the moment!

My husband's ancient PC is finally dying, the hard drive is going. The priority has been to move the photos to the external hard drive before we lose them. Thus I've not been able to access the photos for blog posts and I can't download my camera's photos to blog other topics waiting for publication.

My own computer has been acting strange ever since activating a Google account to use Google Calendar to sync with Outlook Express to sync with my new Droid phone. So much for me trying to step up to date with technology to have a mobile calendar. Since trying this I can access email at home only some of the time and the calendar has been too much work to make it worthwhile. The worst part is I go days without reading emails and some people are sending urgent emails and I'm not getting them. Other times I need to respond to an email, can't, a couple of days goes by, the email finally works, then I'm reading the new stuff and forget to address the old stuff.

Lastly my Droid's camera stopped working due to an "SD card error". In trying to fix this issue the phone was reset and has needed reprogramming. I can't blog from my mobile, I can't access any of my phone photos with stuff I wanted to blog about either.

I'm busy living life and barely have time to address these computer problems. When my muse is with me, I can't access the Internet to blog.

Sorry, readers.

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