Monday, June 21, 2010

New Kid Trend: Playing The Game

Have you heard of The Game?

Is your child playing The Game?

Mine are.

It seems every kid I know is playing The Game. The ages range from elementary grade kids to high school.

Materials: None

Cost: Free

Who can play: Anyone, but I consider it a children's game.

Object: To forget you are playing The Game.

Starting the game: You automatically begin playing The Game when you learn what The Game is.

Game Play: You are winning The Game when you forget you are playing The Game. When you remember you are playing The Game you must immediately state out loud, "I lost the game!" no matter where you are or who you are with. You may also add other words to this declarative statement. Examples "Oh man! I lost the game! It's been seven days! I can't believe it!!"

Continuing the game: The game restarts as soon as you say "I lost the game".

Enrolling new players: If someone asks you what you are talking about when they hear you say "I lost the game" you must explain it to them. Once they hear what The Game is, they have begun the game. They do not have a choice but to begin game play.

Cheating: If a game player remembers they are playing the game and does not state aloud "I lost the game" they are cheating. They did not end the game for themselves as no player can do that. They think they have stopped the game but really they are just cheating.

Spoil Sports: Those who state they won't play the game after they are enrolled are poor sports. Really they are playing it but they think they are not, so really they are cheating.

Ending the game: This game has no ending. But so long as you have forgotten you are playing The Game you are winning, and your mind will be relieved of this burden.

Enjoying the game: It is fun to enroll new players in the game, especially if you are trying to explain the game to the new player and they simply cannot grasp its concept. When more than one person understands the game and the new person can't it can be really funny as different people try to explain the game.

The Game is also fun in large groups. My son learned about it when a Boy Scout walked into a room of about 20 Scouts and loudly said, "Oh no! I lost the game!" at which point all the other Scouts (other than my son) had to say, "I lost the game!" Then my son asked what it was and he was enrolled. Kids have fun ribbing each other about making them remember The Game and also laughing at themselves or being annoyed that The Game was lost.

The Game is infectious and silly when people you didn't know were playing the game suddenly cry out "I lost the game". The Game spreads across different groups that kids interact with such as: Scouts playing it then it spreads to a homeschool Scout then it spreads to a homeschool co-op group then one of those kids spreads it to his baseball team in his hometown. Well that's one situation that happened with my older son.

What kids say is annoying about The Game is when they are trying to forget about it and they can't, it is frustrating.

Kids must use restraint when playing the game. It would cross a line to repeat every 15 or 30 seconds "I lost the game". There is a little leeway in how often this must be said. If a group just talked about it, that's enough for the time they are together. Perhaps that's an unstated rule that is more about social graces. This is supposed to be fun not annoying remember?


So parents if you overhear any kids saying "I lost the game" now you know what they are talking about.

Are your kids playing The Game?

I don't know if this is all over America or just in my area of Connecticut. Let me know!


LivingByLearning said...

My kids have been Playing The Game, and sharing/torturing their friends with it since early spring. I think Teen Daughter may have heard about it at Splash.

K said...

The Game has been a perpetual diversion in our home for about 18 months or so. It waxes and wanes. Tends to become more prevalent in the summer with camps etc...harmless yet a bit annoying fun.
Can't tell you how many times I've had "YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!" yelled out a car window.

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