Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unfocused Method for House Tidying

1. In living room find books that belong in the libary.

2. Place books in library. See a stack of son's magazines laying on the love seat.

3. Ask son to put magazines in his room. See math manipulative left on coffee table.

4. Move math manipulative to math shelf. See scraps of paper son used for math work, toss to trash, realize it's full, remove bag and carry to the garage.

5. Go to dining room to finish decluttering the table. Find broken pices of model airplane, walk to kitchen to throw it out.

6. After tossing trash look up to see bottles to go to recycle bin. Pick them up and go to garage to toss them in the recycle bin.

7. Walking back into the house, I spot tote bag full of library books sitting in the hallway. Carry books to the library to place in bin that holds the library books. Put empty tote bag in coat closet.

8. Am thirsty. Go to kitchen for a glass of water. See bills husband left on counter.

9. Move bills to husband's desk, upstairs.

10. See empty laundry basket that we'll need in the laundry room in a minute, take that downstairs and leave by the dryer which is still running.

11. Remember I was working on the living room. Go to living room, notice the potted rosemary kept indoors over the winter is dead. Move pot to the deck and pull dead plant out and put in compost bin in kitchen.

12. Realize ficus tree has not been watered in a couple of weeks (oops). Fetch watering can, fill it and water it. Think this should spend the summer on the deck. Move it to the deck. Leaves fall on floor. Go get broom and dustpan.

Oh, I never did get myself that drink of water....or lunch....

On and on and on. That was what yesterday morning was like for me. I don't usually work in that manner, I hate it as it never feels like any one spot gets finished.


Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

You've been watching me clean my house, right? :) Because this is exactly what happens here. All. The. Time.

Amy said...

I only have one comment: Your husband pays the bills????

Ronda Levine said...

Hmmm...that sounds really, really familiar. Are you sure you weren't spying on me?

christinethecurious said...

Peaceful cleaning algorythm suggestion, because I'd rather type than go change my daughter's diaper just right now:

walk through house noting the things that needs doing on a hand held audio recorder. Sit down with that drink of water and make a list. check the things that only you can do. Call your really smart kids in. Assign them some of the un-checked other stuff. Put on happy energy music and the kitchen timer. When the timer goes off, stop cleaning, celebrate together what you did get done. celebration snack optional.

on good days I do this, on other days...well, I do have a diaper waiting for me, the less said about other days the better!

christinemm said...

Amy---yes my husband pays the bills. He's a finance guy who works on Wall Street. No way he'd ever turn the bills over to me, the one who is an easy spender. He does all the financial planning and bill paying. Well except last year I took over managing the medical insurance payouts, HSA and doctor bills, he does all the rest (for all these years).

Hooray for me not having to deal with paying the bills!

christinemm said...

Oh and he also does most of the food shopping!

And loves to cook dinner (when he's home in time or on weekends)!

And he washes all the dinner dishes!

I try not to take him for granted.

But now you know how I have some spare time to blog, hardly any food shopping, no bill paying and even not all the dinner meal making and clean-up!