Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I Like About Homeschooling (by My Nine Year Old Son)

Homeschooling is quick and easy and fun. When doing lessons at home you can go through lessons fast because there are not many people. You don’t have to wait while other kids are still trying to understand the lesson. My lessons at home don’t take all day, they take two or three hours not eight like school does. The smart kid(s) in a class might go through the lesson fast then they have to wait for all the other kids to catch up. When you get all your work done fast you can have the rest of the day for personal time like playing outside, going on the computer, playing video games, watching TV and seeing other friends. When school is still in session the homeschool kids get to see each other.

Homeschooled kids get to go to fun classes during the week while school is still in session. They can go to (name of the experiential nature class my son takes), the homeschool park day, filmmaking class, poetry class with a cool teacher (Rock Wilk), and do a homeschool co-op. (Notice all these classes are on weekdays.) Most of my friends go to school and they don’t get to go to all these fun classes. Their day is packed full of school and homework and they only have two days a week to have all their fun time and go do fun things.

My school friends also say they hate school and all the kids and grown-up’s I meet ask what school I go to. When I tell them I homeschool they tell me that I’m lucky. Two of my friends say their three favorite subjects in school are lunch and recess and gym. My favorite things to do for homeschool lessons are spelling, fiction reading, and taking guitar lessons.

At the homeschool co-op's cooking class, April 2010.


The above was dictated to me by my nine year old son today. This was homework for his homeschool co-op class on journalism. He was told via email today, to start to write an article about homeschooling by writing one sentence or one paragraph. The only reason I had him dictate it versus write it in longhand on paper is I was in a hurry and wanted it done and over with so I could go do other things on this Sunday.

He came up with the main topic by himself. I did not compose this for him but did prompt him to make a sentence more clear to the reader, or to give an example in some cases. This took him about five or six minutes to do. He surprised me by using parenthesis and the "kid(s)" part, I didn't put those there.


professor@worldstaracademy said...

Wonderful composition! I have thought for some time that it would be great to have more voices of homeschooled students speaking out about their experiences. We have an enormous blogging world of homeschooling moms but only a (very) few homeschool students describing what it's like from their perspectives. For this reason, I was thrilled to read this post. I will be using it, myself to teach my son a bit about writing, too. Thank you again!

MsB said...

If that's not a great ad for homeschooling, I don't know what is! Great thinking!

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

Your son did an excellent job. It will be good to have people from many backgrounds reading this. I alternate between dictating and them writing them selves. They can tell a story better verbally. I think the dictating shows them that they can give detailed accounts of events and ideas, which I hope will help them learn to write better.