Thursday, April 22, 2010

Met Author David Gumpert

Two days after finishing up reading "The Raw Milk Revolution" (and having blogged my review and tweeted about it), my friend (who read both of tidbits sent through cyberspace) shot me both a tweet and an email to let me know the author David Gumpert would be speaking right in my neck of the woods this very week!  My friend and I made plans to meet at the coffee shop and to hear the lecture.

Gumpert's author lecture style was "summarize the book in about 75 minutes". (After having heard many author lectures there are a few basic formats, you never know what you'll get, sometimes they talk about things not even in the book at all.)

The audience was comprised of some bloggers, some locavores, a couple of raw milk farmer, one raw cheesemaker, a reporter, a book reviewer (that's me), people interested in preserving our food rights and personal freedoms and a bunch of people who have been negatively affected health-wise by the factory made or altered foods they've eaten that have had positive results by changing their diet to a more old-fashioned, getting back to 'real foods'.

The Q&A session after was interesting as we got to hear from some of the farmers and talked about government. It was said that there is a federal bill that the Senate will vote on this week or next week (I didn't even know that)! It's already passed in the House.

I was inspired to keep talking about these issues, blogging them, tweeting them, and writing book reviews on books that are on important topics that people need to hear about. If people keep talking, others will hear, open their minds and maybe learn something. A core issue here is individual rights, our freedom to eat what we want and to avoid eating what we don't want. Too much government legislation in the name of "protecting the consumer" by doing processes to the foods to "make them safe" can have unintended negative consequences for our health (which is ironic).

We were offered samples of low pasturized, non-homogenized and raw cow milks as well as some goat milk. Also exciting was I learned that Ed Hartz of Newtown Connecticut is starting a business to do home delivery of low pasturized milk from Ronnybrook Farms (NY) and raw milk from CT farms as well as hopefully organic grass-fed beef and eventually locally grown organic produce. His company is called The Milkman.

The discussions I had with people in the audience afterward were enlightening and interesting also. What a great night!

Here are some photos of me with David Gumpert.

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davidgumpert said...

Christine, I'm glad you enjoyed the evening as much as I did. It was a great group of people, and lots of insightful questions. I learned a lot about what's happening in Connecticut (some of which is posted on my blog, Thanks for being part of it.

David Gumpert