Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sportcraft Ladderball Product Review by ChristineMM

Product: Sportcraft Ladderball
Type: an indoor and outdoor ball throwing game
Company: Sportcraft

My Rating: 3 Stars = It's Okay

Summary Statement: Two (or Three) False Claims Made by Manufacturer Affect Game Play and Storage

Overall this is a fun game. The set up was easy, done in about ten minutes by my twelve year old and nine year old sons without adult supervision. We played this as a family together.

The main reason that I’m not rating this “I Love It = 5 stars” is the manufacturer makes two claims that are false that negatively affect the game and its storage and portability.

The first is the product description says it comes with a carrying case. Mine has no such case nor does my instruction book say the case is in this product (leading me to think this is an error in the marketing materials rather than an omission at the factory). These are constructed of 32 PVC pipes. If you lose one part you are doomed (unless you pay for replacement parts via Internet order from the manufacturer.) I’d love it if indeed there was a carrying case so it could be easily moved to a beach or other location. The carry case would be helpful for storage over the winter. I am not excited about the idea of using the cardboard box to store everything in; I guess I’ll find some kind of plastic bin or a fabric sack of some sort to use as a carrying case.

Second the instructions state the score can be kept with the numbers on the side. While there are numbers on it, there is nothing to mark the score. It seems to me there should be a small piece of plastic that hooks to the PVC pipe that can slide up and down to indicate the numerical score. The numbers on that pipe have no purpose if there is no way to mark them! We have to keep score in our heads despite the instruction manual’s directions to keep score using the numbers on the leg.

Also odd is the manufacturer is marketing this as also an indoor toy. I disagree that this should be played indoors! These are hard plastic weighted balls that look like golf balls. There is no way I’d ever let my kids or even an adult throw these inside my house. Can you say broken window? Banged up walls?


In general the game is fun. You can make the units closer together for younger kids. As with all throwing sport games one must practice to have success, that’s part of the skill that has to be developed to play new game. Most people will not have instant success but that’s normal!

I also recommend standing way back or to the sides when your opponent is throwing so you don’t get hit. Worst case scenario: you could lose a tooth if hit on the mouth.

(My kids and their friends have more fun playing with their grandparent’s old wooden croquet set that we’ve inherited. Maybe we’ll have a resurgence of croquet soon?)

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Paul Dell said...

I totally agree with you about attempting to purchase replace parts for a Ladderball offered by SPORTSCRAFT. Even the folks at SPORTS Authority in Maryland, where I bought the thing last year couldn't help me locate a valid Telephone number in the USA to call and buy (1) Tee Joint that connectors the rediculous thing together.
What a waste of money!
Another Throw away product made in CHINA.