Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prepping for Compute This Event This Week

This week in between some major "problem" things happening in our family I am finally taking the time to work with my seventh grade homeschooled son to prepare for one event he wants to compete in at the Science Olympiad.

We have ten days until the event and so far my son has put only two hours into preparing for this particular event. (He is competing in a total of three events and much time has been put into the other projects.) He'll be working with one other student on this one, and they have only spent two hours together so they don't have a 'working relationship' yet. Oh well.

In order to prepare he will have to become more familiar with working with Microsoft Word. He will have to learn some of the Microsoft Excel program including how to create charts and custom charts. He will need to practice answering complex questions by doing research on the website. He will need to learn to note source webpages to document where he found his answer. There is an option to make cheat sheets or other notes to publish on a public website that they can use during the event so he might choose to create a public post on his (presently inactive) blog.

He'll need to take note of this year's event rules and make sure he's following them. Last year a judge told me a full half of the entrants did not even put their team name on their submissions which meant they could not be scored for all that work they did! I note that the directions to do this are right on the paperwork challenge they are given as well as being VERY clear in the rules. I bet the kids were so worried about the challenge itself something as basic as putting your team name on the report submitted was not on their mind. (This is further proof of my theory of late that following directions and showing up is half the battle in doing well at something.)

This event is called Compute This! for Science Olympiad. The SO website explains the event. There are samples from past competitions that you can look at if you are curious. We are using one of these to practice with.

My son insists he wants to do this but we've not taken the time to prepare until now due to busy-ness which seems pretty pathetic, huh?

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A day in the life said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. You have inspired me to blog. I am a homeschool mom of a 13 year old son, that I stared homeschooling 6 months ago. I work full time and my family helps with care for him. He is Aspergers and loves life, but got bullied in school non stop. Keep up the good work!