Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Garden in March

Here is my zone 6 garden on the morning of March 22, 2010.

Tasks completed by this point:

Torn deer fencing removed (not yet replaced)

Garden beds cleared of last year's dead plants

Removed fallen leaves from last autumn and dead branches that fell during fall and winter winds

In the garden at this point:

The oregano overwintered, as did the fennel and lavender.

Meanwhile, indoors:

I'd made 300 soil blocks to start seeds under lights in my basement

Garden planning still going on which will determine which seeds get sown directly in the garden now versus sown indoors. (I'm either right on time or one week behind on this depending on which 'last frost' dates I choose to use.)

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Anthony said...

"You shouldn't have to get new deer fencing. Just get some Deer Off from Havahart. The label says it lasts for 3 months but I live in an area with more rain so I spray it a little more often. Still, it beats the cost and time required to get a fence up. And I prefer my open landscaping to fencing.
Here's the repellent I use:"