Thursday, March 04, 2010

Granny Smith Apple Juice

Here's the result of two Granny Smith apples put through the juicer machine skin and all.

I thought it was beautiful enough to photograph.

Photo copyright ChristineMM. Taken 3/03/10.


Liz Ditz said...

Yes, the Granny Smith juice is beautiful. And probably delicious.

I tried juicing a couple of years ago, because I was addicted to a $6.00 pint of fresh vegetable-fuit juice from Whole Foods (beets, carrots, celery, parsley...and some other fruits and vegetables).

So I borrowed a juicer from a friend who had one, but wasn't then using it.

First, I gained rather than lost weight. My surmise is that I was taking in more calories (even fat-free ones) because I wasn't feeling full from the juice, as I would have from all the fiber in fruits and vegetables.

Second, I noticed...erm, a huge increase in socially problematic emanations from my person. Wind. Flatus.

So I gave the juicer back to my friend.

But I still miss the flavor of carrot-celery-parsley juice, with a bit of vinegar & Tabasco.

I know, I'm weird.

Back to the actual subject of the post: If you have a child with a "self-limited diet" (much better phrasing, I think, than "picky eater") who might be more likely to try a juice than eating the actual food item in its native state, the other recommendation I'd make is to dilute the juice. Why? Juices are much more intense that the whole food item.

Try it yourself. Eat a slice of orange, then take a swig of orange juice, or eat a bit of carrot and take a swig of carrot juice. In the actual food item, the intensity of the flavor is moderated by the parts of the fruit that are discarded in juicing.

christinemm said...

I borrowed the juicer from my brother to try it before buying one. My hope was to try some veggie juices and like them. So far they are a bit hard to take.

I am/was trying a high raw diet (have a long blog post in draft talking about that but didn't publish it). Just on real veg and fruit not yet the juice I gained 3 lbs in the first 2 days and it has stayed on!

The pears come out like what is sold as pear nectar.

I see how dilution of fruit juice would help. It is powerful in full strength.

Thanks for the tip.

The way things are going I'll probably NOT buy a juicer and will give this back to my brother.

And soon I'll give up on the idea of a high raw diet and just use some new raw foods into a regular diet.

monster said...


i found your post while doing a search for granny smith apple juice - my newest love, as of this morning.

not sure if you are a grapefruit juice fan, but that's my favorite thing to juice; it comes out with a froth on top, which is delicious!

have you tried combining fruit and vegetables? the reason i even tried the apple juice this morning was to smooth out a kale/ginger/garlic juice. it definitely gave it a lemony sweetness which was very helpful to get the juice down, although i still think it would've been nice to add some beet juice to it. that's another juice that i highly recommend.

anyway, i'm not sure what type of juicer you're borrowing, but i'm a strong supporter of the low-grade, cheap juicers that sell for $24.99. i have a pricier juicer now, and i really don't notice a huge difference aside from this one putting more juice into the cup. but the thing is, with the cheaper juicer, it's still pulverized and separated, so if you just strain the juice in the pulp collector, it'd work just the same. i'm rambling. enjoy your juice!