Friday, February 19, 2010

A To-Die-For Homemade Creme Brulee

My husband made creme brulee for dessert for our romantic Valentine's Day dinner this year. He decided to try a new recipe this time and surfed the web to find this one. The recipe is free online and is: Classic Creme Brulee by Debbie Puente who authored an entire cookbook about Creme Brulee!
This was creamy and delicious. My husband was happy as the recipe he used to use required stove top cooking in a sauce pan followed by baking. This recipe by Debbie Puente is mixed then baked (no stove top prep work).

Our little blow torch thing is not super powerful so it is difficult to get a thick crust of burned sugar over the entire thing as the restaurant chefs can do with their more powerful torch but that is okay!

Real men cook!

I would recommend that all men learn to cook and to bake. Men who help in the kitchen and especially those who wine and dine their wives with gourmet home cooked food make wives very happy. As some say, "Happy wife, happy life." Honestly, it takes a load off the wife's shoulders to not have the sole burden of the family's cooking. Home cooked food from scratch using quality ingredients blows away processed prepared foods from the grocery store and (lately around here) is better than what is available in most restaurants as well.

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Crimson Wife said...

Oh, that looks truly scrumptious (I think I've been watching too much Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, LOL!)