Monday, February 01, 2010

Homeschool Curriculum List for My Seventh Grader 2009 to 2010

Homeschool Curriculum, Materials and Class List

2009-2010 Academic Year

Grade 7 (Older Son)


Teaching Textbooks 7 curriculum (complete all lessons)

Flashmaster, Math Drill Practice

Language Arts--

Writing Composition

Institutes for Excellence in Writing curriculum (restart)
Nonfiction writing practice with IEW method

Brave Writer method (start)

Creative writing (fiction) at home, self-initiated projects


Read poems at home

Take poetry workshop classes with SME, professional poet, Rock Wilk

Write additional poems at home


Spelling Power

English Grammar

Brave Writer Arrow (start) (may switch to Boomerang if too simple)


Copywork with Brave Writer Arrow

Vocabulary and Latin Roots

Word Roots A1 computer game by Critical Thinking Press (start)

Read Wall Street Journal articles and research vocabulary words and discussion of reading comprehension (spread over 3 days)

Reading Practice

Read fiction books of his choice, on grade level, 5 hours a week

Keyboarding Skills

Typing Instructor computer program (start)

History --

World History

Story of the World volume 3 story book, do entire book

Story of the World volume 3 Activity Guide (geography mapwork etc.)

Independent reading living books relating to world history topic in SOTW lessons (on grade level), world history nonfiction books, biography, and historical fiction books

US History (above and beyond SOTW vol 3)

Independent Reading, History of US vol 1-11 by Joy Hakim with family discussion

Independent reading living books relating to US History topic in SOTW lessons (on grade level), world history nonfiction, biography, and historical fiction

Field trip: 5 hour visit to Caramoor Art and Music Center for Renaissance Day

Archeology, History, Culture

India: Classes with college professor and SME archeologist from Archeological Perspectives, college level material presented with hands-on and age appropriate teaching methods, 8 hours prep classes, lecture, slide show, hands on activities. Four hours at museum in NYC for field trip and on-class site. Culminating in performing an archeological dig recreation and display of relics in June, 24 hours direct instruction.


Trail Guide to US Geography curriculum (start using for first time), Intermediate Level

Use Trail Guide notebooking method for documentation of work completed, Intermediate Level

Use of almanac, atlas, paper book encyclopedia and Internet for research.


Read living books on various topics (nature, physics, astronomy, space exploration, weather, etc.)

Real Science 4 Kids level 1 Physics science curriculum including scientific method use in experiments with completion of lab notebook

Astronomy class with SME, 80-90 hours direct instruction, lecture and observation with telescope

Science Competition with Team Based Learning:
Participate in Science Olympiad 2010, three events:

Wright Stuff (physics, flight, model building); Coach SME engineer.

Elevated Bridge (physics, engineering, model building); Coach SME architect

Compute This (Internet research, research paper, footnoting and reference documentation, use of Microsoft Word and Excel for first time); Coached by me (mother)

Art, Art History and Culture--

Contemporary Art docent led tours of exhibits at three different local museums with homeschool group (about six per year)

Take classes, Medieval Art and History taught by teacher for Metropolitan Museum of Art (6 hours direct instruction) and a day at the Met in March 2010

Artistic Pursuits art curriculum, done at home

Teaching self traditional cartooning, manga drawing, and realistic drawing skills, at home

Other Educational Pursuits

LEEDs home energy audit green building system class taught by SME architect who is certified by LEEDs

Physical Education--

Wilderness Challenge experiential education class (like Outward Bound), 120 hours direct instruction (fall and spring)

Walk and jog on treadmill

Introduce free weights upper body weight lifting

Floor exercises and Yoga for strengthening core

Yale Community Rowing program (crew), July 2009


Review Food Pyramid

Take active role in meal planning, make better food choices

Begin using food logs to help with menu planning to make better food choices


Weekly religious education class, youth group at church

Life Skills

With brother, do all the family laundry

Clean the bathroom he uses

Make homemade laundry detergents and home cleaners from scratch

Help with chores as requested, house cleaning, garage decluttering etc.

Cook some of his own meals and help with family meal preparation
Boy Scouts--

Active in Troop meetings, camping, community service and other activities

Work on merit badges of his choice

Elected to Patrol Leader, leadership position

Progress from Second Class to First Class rank.

Attend summer residence camp, six nights/seven days, July 2009


Lorel said...

Christine, I feel like such a slacker mom in comparison! I'll bet our boys would get along well. DS 13 is also interested in history and scouting.

take care,


christinemm said...

Wow Lorel I'm flattered. When I finished the list and my son's weekly to do list today (something new for us) I felt both that maybe we were doing too much but then felt we weren't doing ENOUGH.

There is something that haunts me abt The Well Trained Mind that leaves me worrying that our homeschool is just too lax.

Maybe this is my perfectionist self talking...

A Joyful Chaos said...

Interesting list. I have the tendency to try to cram way more into our life than it's possible to get done.

dstb said...

Hi Christine,

I think you have mentioned Real Science 4 Kids before, but I was wondering what you thought of it now that more time has passed? Have you tried the Chemistry yet? What about the various Kogs?

I have two boys (7th and 5th grade) and would consider using this next year. I'd have to figure out which level would work best.

Science always seems to fall by the wayside when we run out of time. My main focus is Math and History.


christinemm said...

I have level 1 RS4K science (grades 4-6) and chose to use it since it is already owned and on hand. I find the reading understandable but a little boring. I understand the philosophy behind the curriculum after hearing Keller speak at a HS conference and I agree. Early exposure, lightly, in elementary grades, again repeat middle school bit deeper and then harder and deeper high school content.

Physics: My 7th grader just finished reading the book. He got ahead of my plans. I am starting the experiments this week. My 4th grader is reading and doing this too.

I haven't used the others yet but own level 1.

I have other expectations for books and materials we use. I normally want really interesting reading that is rivoting. RS4K IMO is more like a textbook. These level 1's can be done in under two month's time, so this is not long torture lessons. Tolerable.

Kimmywizzie said...

Thanks for the list, Christine. Let's me know where I'm headed. I have a 2nd grader, but I like to see what older boys are using.

We are heavy into scouting We're , of course,in cub scouts right now. He has almost achieved his Wolf Rank and my husband is his den leader I'm the Cubmaster.

dstb said...

Thanks Christine. Another question, then, if you don't mind.

Do you think you will end up using level 2? Do you think the boredom of Level 1 comes from being too easy or is it because it has more of that dry textbook feel to it?

Just curious. I think I have a friend who has it, so I may check with them as well, but the more opinions the better, especially since it seems kind of pricey.


christinemm said...

I don't know if I'll use level 2 for my older son. I say this only because I don't know if I'll be repeating it while in grade 8.

Probably that son will do the RS4K levels for high school years.

I can share also that my friend, right now, is wrapping up using RS4K level 1 with her grade 5 and 7 children plus doing the chemistry kit by Thames and Kosmos. I assume she means doing the booklet with the kit, I have not looked at the kit. Based on her recommendation I bet I'll be buying this and using it when we do it.

My plan was to finish Physics Level 1 RS4K and if have time before July to do Chemistry next RS4K level 1 (as I already own it).

If I was starting off new and needed to buy it I would buy the level right for grade 7 for that son.


dstb said...

Thanks Christine.

I've heard of the Thames and Kosmos, but I'll check it out in more detail.