Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost Gone

With temperatures in the 40s and low 50s for over 24 hours, and over three inches of rain in less than 18 hours, this is what is left of the snow in our yard, just a bit on the northernmost part.

Photo copyright ChristineMM 2010, taken 1/25/10 in Fairfield County, Connecticut USA.


Kathy said...

Hi Christine,

I found you through Twitter and I've enjoyed reading your blog. I used to homeschool my two children, until my 12-year-old son begged to go to middle school two years ago! He wanted to be part of a complex social scene and where I live, the teen homeschool scene is almost nonexistent. But, I did homeschool for 12 years and had a blast spending so much time with my kids.

Now, my husband and I co-own Singing Turtle Press. Our main products are the Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook. I was wondering if you would be willing to review these two books. We'd send you copies and together they cost less than $40.

Even though your children are on the younger side, it sounds like you're interested in curriculum in general and, of course, I'm sure algebra will loom on your horizon in the not-too-distant future. Our books are written in such a clear way that a math-savvy 6th grader might enjoy reading these books. We use humor, cartoons and analogies, as well as a creative Q&A format that makes algebra easy to understand.

You can check out these books on our website:

or check them out at Amazon.com (we do have 36 really good reviews there)

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate way to contact you. I didn't see an email or anything. But, let me know if there's a better way.

You can email me at kathy@singingturtle.com or flimmer58@gmail.com or I guess you can send a direct message on Twitter, since I'm following you.

I'm just at the cusp of learning about all this new social media technology.

Again, I seriously enjoyed reading some of your posts. I think the one about Christian homeschool is interesting. In my area, the fundamentalist Christians show up to intro homeschool events holding their bibles so they can find each other. It's a little disconcerting.

Anyway, I with you the best in your endeavors.


Dawn said...

Okay, I need to get my blog back into fighting shape so I'll get review offers again. That sounds like a neat resource. :D

Anyhow Christine, we've had the same weather plus lots of rain. My yard was snow-covered and our pond was just at the point where it was safe for skating and then in the last 24 hours it all went away. Darn it.