Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nature Walk on Christmas Day

On Christmas, after dinner and before coffee and dessert some member of my family went for a nature walk. Some of us wore appropriate footwear and ventured into the woods after the walk on the road. Here are some photos from the walk.

I don't have permission to post photos of my nephew, brother and his wife so they are absent. What I can tell you that I can't show you of their family is my nine year old non-verbal nephew with Autism skipping with joy down the road; he thrives when outdoors and my nephew using his 'talking device' to communicate to his parents while on a path in the woods, and my nephew walking alongside me smiling and making eye contact.

You will not see any of my husband since he has asked that his image not be revealed on this blog. Also not here is my older son who said he was tired but agreed to burn calories on the new Wii Fit instead. My other nephew stayed back with him. And since my husband and nine year old son ditched out on more than half of the walk, I don't have many of my younger son to show you.

My brother, a hunter, was able to identify the wild turkey track you will see, and the few that walked together to go over a rock wall.

There are some images of an apple orchard, an at least fourth generation family farm still in operation too. My nine year old son is seen as is my father. (I finally captured his true spirit with the camera!)

Well now that the missing details are out of the way here is some of what I experienced yesterday, seen through my camera's lens. Come take a virtual walk with me through my neighborhood and its adjoining Connecticut woods...

(Double click on any image to enlarge it.)

Photos copyright ChristineMM, 2009. Taken 12/25/09 in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


Jane said...

Your woods look so much like mine -- beautiful, inspirational!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Beautiful! Classic New England--it made me want to drive on up.

christinemm said...

Eli I hope some day we can meet in person!