Saturday, December 26, 2009

Juan Williams Quote About Writing

Author, journalist and political commentator Juan Williams was interviewed for the TV show In Depth (view it here online free) that airs on CSPAN's BookTV. I loved this, so jotted it down onto a scrap piece of paper, which I found while organizing papers.

Question: "Do you find it easy to write about these issues or it is a challenge?"

Answer: "Oh, writing is the greatest intellectual exercise I've ever had. You know my Dad trained boxers. I used to be around people who exercised and had to show tremendous courage under fire. For me, engaging in a book and the ideas, getting those ideas to be real on the page so others can understand and engage in them takes -- it's my maximum energy -- my maximum being."

I can relate to that so deeply that sometimes it brings a tear to my eye. I think what touches me the most is knowing someone else out there gets it, about writing.

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Serenity Now! said...

I understand completely. Sometimes when I'm physically tired I just cannot fathom writing because it takes a physical toll on me. And that's when I write non-fiction.... when I've written fiction I've had a hard time not becoming over-emotional. It's hard to parent when you are over-emotional!