Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now I've Got H1N1

Am resting up. So cold I took a hot bath to get the chill out of my bones.

Went to the doctor. Am on an anti-viral Relenza.

Had a ridiculous encounter at the drug store when they told me they were out of stock and could I wait 26  hours before picking it up? I said no, sorry I need it right away so I'd take my prescription to another store to get it filled now. The clerk (through drive-through window as I didn't want to expose anyone else to it), then said, "Did you know you have a $50 co-payment if you buy this?". I replied, "The amount of the co-payment is irrelevent if I need the medication I have no choice but to pay whatever the amount is. Please give me my prescription back. Thank you."

We are doomed to get this virus. It is so contagious. The doctor told me children can be contagious up to seven days before the first treatment and 7-10 days after the last day of fever. Adults are contagious usually one day before first symptom and about 5 days after last fever day. All people taking anti-viral prescription medications remain contagious during the course of therapy. Few families will keep children home in quarantine for 14 days or so. Parents usually cannot live in quarantine that longer either, especially if multiple children get sick and the period of illness spans over time.

We must empower ourselves with information in order to get the best care and the right treatment.

If I'd done what that clerk said and waited another 26 hours to pick up my medication I would have missed the important window of treatment as outlined by the CDC and as explained to my by the doctor: that the best outcome is when anti-viral treatment is started as soon as possible and especially in the first 48 hours after the first symptom appeared.

I don't know whether the clerk was ignorant or pushing some corporate sales policy to request that the customers not take their prescription elsewhere. My point is if I'd not held my own and done what she said my health could have been further compromised. It is not her place to get in the way of what the doctor has prescribed. This same thing happened to me with an antibiotic I tried to obtain there a few months ago. Another medication for a wart, I was told, would require a special order and many day's wait.

I went to the nearest pharmacy which was the same chain. Even as I did so I was kicking myself as I should have given the sale to a competitor pharmacy.

I'm working on getting well.

My older son is improving greatly now that he is on Tamiflu.

I'm crossing my fingers that my nine year old son doesn't get it next although I'm starting to think it'll be a miracle if he doesn't.

For links to treatment plans recommended by the CDC refer to my post a few days ago about Homeschoolers and H1N1.

Stay well readers!


Henry Cate said...

I hope you get well soon.

Crimson Wife said...

I should really up the amount of stuff in my emergency kit to last for a longer time. We've got Mormon friends who've got a whole YEAR'S worth of supplies. I couldn't swear that we've got 2 weeks' worth. Bad Mommy!

Hope you feel better soon!