Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Assume That About Me!

I understand the world has a large number of stupid people. It is just a fact.

I hate it when I catch someone who doesn't really know me assuming I'm one of the idiots.

I'm not.

Through experience I know many people are either truly dumb or else I've caught smart people making mistakes. Mistakes are common. No big deal, right?

There are also bad people out there who are negative and seek to cause problems everywhere they go.

But I've found that it is much better for me to maintain a positive state of mind by instead assuming everyone I come in contact with is a good person, not an idiot, not dumb, and that they all have good intentions rather than being empty hearted or even evil. Despite assuming that, I sometimes experience negativity due to either an honest mistake or incompetence or their intentional malice. I can handle the crap when it comes my way, intentional or due to someone's error. Often I'd never know if what they did was intentional or an error, so it is just better to assume it was a mistake and forgive them instantly. There is no good that can come of focusing on the negative, getting angry over all the little stuff that can happen in a day.

I just really resent it when other people treat me like I'm an idiot especially if it's my first interaction with them and they know nothing about me. (Nor do I like seeing people do that to other people.)

I also don't like it when people assume I'm evil hearted due to a simple mistake mad that was not pre-planned or linked in any way to mean-spiritedness.

But really right now I'm annoyed by people who think they're better than others and assume I'm below them, stupid or incompetent when I'm neither of those things, and they have no reason in the world to assume so.

Thanks for listening to me vent.

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RC Boca said...

This is sooo true! I hate when people think they are smarter than everyone else. People need to keep in mind that everyone has different life experiences which result in different LIFE KNOWLEDGE!

Great post