Monday, September 28, 2009

Want to See Older Kids in Homeschool Articles

Just a little vent here that I'm sick of seeing little kids in homeschooling articles.

I want to see older kids, tweens and young teens if not also older teens in photos and stories of homeschoolers.

One issue is that informal and fun learning is often cited in the article about homeschooling (in general) and it is true that is great. Learning can be done at the zoo and at a children's museum! Hooray!

The little kids, toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary grade kids seen in the photos are so cute. Okay they look good in the media story.

Always showing the littlest kids gives a certain impression. Perhaps this is why some thing that middle schoolers or high school aged kids cannot be homeschooled?

I understand some kids start to look awkward during puberty. I get that some teens have acne. Those are not the most beautiful kids to photograph for the articles. But please, can we see some? Those are real kids. Let's get real.

I am happy that homeschool mothers of young kids are writing articles and agreeing to be interviewed for media articles. But I've had enough.

I also know that teaching upper elementary and middle school grades can start to get a little tricky. In all subjects the learning doesn't always come easy or fast. And so it is not polished or always good news. I'd like to NOT believe that only showing positive stories making it all seem easy is a part of a propaganda machine. I'd like some more realistic stories please.

Am I going to have to start writing for publication in order to get some stories in the media with kids ten and older?

Thanks for listening to my vent.


The HomeScholar said...

I agree! I also think that is part of the reason why families stop homeschooling when their kids get older - they stop thinking it is normal when they stop seeing faces of teenagers.

I think it's also a problem when support groups don't provide articles about homeschooling high school. They have information about learning the younger grades, but not much for parents with older kids. I do provide articles for free that can be used in your support group newsletters. Those articles are on the freebies section of my website.


K said...

Although I have children from 6-16 homeschooling, most of my time is spent with the older set and my little kids friends are usually the younger siblings of my teens friends.
I don't really read any homeschooling publications, therefore haven't noticed a dearth of articles regarding older homeschooled children. I do get a ton of questions from new homeschoolers about homeschooling middle and high school, so it makes sense that there just isn't that much out there in regards to the post-elementary homeschool set.
I also live in a state that homeschooling is extremely popular and more people homeschool through high school then in many other areas. I also observe that often the accomplishments and activities of older homeschooled children are mixed in with institutional students as the older they get the more the two groups interact. The fact a teen is a homeschooler is an aside.
For example:

three of the students pictured are homeschooled

Some more homeschooled teens in the news:

3/4 of my son's Civil Air Patrol squadron is homeschooled. 2 of the 3 cadets they have sent on to the Air Force Academy were homeschooled. All these young people are at least 12, average age is 15/16. It is very interesting to observe the difference when the public schoolers are in the minority.

Another thing about older homeschoolers. By that point the children and parents are well...settled in it. Aren't, I don't know, passionately talking and writing about it anymore. It is so part and parcel of their life. Not saying they don't care but they just don't put that much effort anymore into "evangelizing" about homeschooling.