Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Doing

I am happy to be very busy working on projects around my house. Honestly this time I'm not annoyed, angry or resentful to be doing this work. This last week I worked on decluttering the basement, it's probably one third decluttered and still remaining is to clean all the floors of years of dust. I have the last third of work waiting to clean out the garage. After that I have to clear the vegetable garden because the late blight of the tomatoes and the colder then normal weather has killed almost the entire crop.

I have been keeping up with the "one hour a day" housecleaning that makes routine cleaning tasks easier than doing the whole place in one day.

In order to make time for these decluttering projects I am spending less time online. I have not been able to read as many blogs as I'd like. I'm even doing less book reading of late. I'm only checking email every two or three days.

Of course homeschooling my kids is also a high priority. And we're still adapting to the restarting of Scouts and other outside appointments.

A result of taking in less information is I have less opinions floating around in my head and thus they do not beg for release via blogging.

I've been happy and content lately despite not always liking what I heard in the political news.

I have shifted my focus a bit. I am on less email discussion groups than I used to be. I am trying not to chat daily online about homeschooling. I am letting other people answer questions that others ask in networking groups instead of always jumping in to help someone else. I would like others to step up to the plate more and help their fellow homeschoolers. I also would like to see more homeschoolers helping themselves to the easily available information instead of always wanting everything spoon-fed to them. I have learned that homeschoolers who are held too closely in hand by others sometimes fail to take the amount of personal responsibility required to make homeschooling a success for them and as a result, they and their enablers have set them up for failure.

I feel like I'm putting most of my attention to doing stuff and have been online less. I've been tweeting a lot since it is fast but I have to take care to not spend too much time reading other tweets lest I get sucked into the computer.

Life is good here. I hope you have been well also!


Marisa said...

Hi Christine,
Your blog is really interesting. Cool self-portrait. That is exactly how I feel on a good day. I am writing to you because my husband developed a new game to teach kids their math facts--Arithmemouse. You can download a free version here:
Is there any chance you would consider posting a link on your blog? Please let me know what you think. My husband and I are just getting started and would be happy to receive any feedback.
Marisa Tingle

christinemm said...

Thanks for commenting. I am going to tweet the link now.

I don't have a sidebar list of online educational games or I'd put yours there.

Marisa said...

thanks Christine!