Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Much To Say, Too Hard to Edit

For about the last 14 days that I've been home I have spent over an hour writing blog post drafts filled with deep thoughts and strong opinions. The topics are so draining but the words were begging to be released.

However with so much to say and trying to write with brevity, it is a struggle. Each time I began in the early morning while the kids were still sleeping and would go until the kids woke up and wanted attention or deserved attention.

Then the blog draft was saved but ignored afterward.

I also have a fair amount to say about topics not usually discussed directly on this blog such as pertain to Obamacare ideas and Cap and Trade. A part of me does not want to stray into too much political talk lest I tick off my readers.

But on the other hand what I have to say about health care and health care insurance is from the perspective of having worked for private physicians and then later, at an HMO who worked also with Medicare Advantage and Medicaid's equivalent program. I have heard and know the issues from the perspective of the employer, the insured person, the doctors and hospitals and ancillary providers. I have worked with state and federal legislation and putting the laws into practical application through the insurance coverage and how it affects the patient/member.

I'm not a know-it-all. I have a good gist of the big picture, believe me, but I know enough to know the issues are so complex and not all can be solved with happy resolutions due to the very complex nature of the issues. The last issue with trying to have all involved parties happy is that we are dealing with perspectives and opinions and no matter what is done, someone is always unhappy, unsatisifed, finds more to complain about, or is so ignorant about the topic that they cannot grasp the situation or see reality for what it is, they see an illusion or an odd perception of reality.

I have insight as a person who has helped elderly, sick, and dying relatives navigate through the health care system and deal with real life ramifications due to their health care coverage or 'the way the system works'. I also have had sick kids and dealing with tricky conditions like Lyme Disease (if you don't know why that is political or sticky watch the new documentary "Under Our Skin").

I also have friends and relatives who are nurses, medical doctors and dentists so have that insight also.

At present I am not working in the health care field so my opinions are not based on a fear of it negatively affecting my income.

I don't seek to spout negativity but want to share genuine thoughts and insight from having been in the trenches.

But then after blowing off steam and moving on to good summer fun or enjoying the sun or feeling happy at seeing my garden growing and our yard alive with birds, bees, and all sorts of insects, I just don't feel like opening those saved documents to re-read, revise, and fine tune the thoughts. Plus I have no clue if anyone gives a darn enough about those topics to care what I have to say enough to actually read the words.

I have deep concerns for the future of our country after the bailouts, and if Cap and Trade passes, and if there are changes to our health care system or health care insurance. I have fears about limiting access to health care, having the government decide what person is "worth" treatment and the possible pushing of euthanasia including the government insurance plans encouraging and PAYING for it instead of paying for medical treatments, as is presently done in Oregon according to Mark Levin in "Liberty and Tyranny". (If you want to read about the legal state of euthanasis in Oregon here is one source.)

I am bothered by the media's one-sided coverage.

I am worried that Americans have no clue what they are possibly getting into. What complaints were made like "we want cheaper health insurance" and how the government feels they will "help" Americans get what they want.

I'm worried that the viewpoints and desires of a large part of Americans are not being represented by our elected officials. I'm moving to the mindset of "Let's throw all the politicans out and start from scratch".

I'll leave it at that for now.

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Melissa Y. said...

I agree with your worries. I live in Florida where health care is king. For the past two years my husband was going to college to learn how to be an x-ray technologist. During that time I was home schooling our two children and also picked up a seasonal job to make ends meet. We had very little income and a small savings account. We qualified for medicaid and the nightmare began. I have homeschooled for five years and have never had the invasive government treatment as I had with medicaid. Every month it was something new and if we made a penny over the line of qualification for medicaid they would drop us. I never new if my children or myself were covered. My husband has since graduated and we were lucky enough to find him a job after 6 weeks of looking and of course as soon as he started working we were no longer covered. Now I am looking for private insurance and it is another headache of $$$$ versus coverage. All of this medical uncertainity has made me very aware of how important nutrition and exercise is to my family. An apple a day.