Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Singapore Math Scope & Sequence Online

In case you are looking for, or are curious to see the Sinagpore Math scope and sequence, it took me a few minutes to find on the site.

Today I found it located inside the product information for the textbook under a tab called "contents and samples".

I started at this list of Singapore Math for grades 1-6 (Primary Math).

Then I clicked on the Textbook, then on the right tab that says "contents and samples".

As of today the workbooks I looked at did not have a scope and sequence, just the textbooks.

I find the site a bit hard to navigate.

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1 comment:

Karen said...

Did you find the page with links to the scope and sequence pages for each level? It's off of the FAQ pages/

I wouldn't expect the workbooks to have a separate scope and sequence. They're designed to use with the corresponding text, so would have the scope and sequence of the corresponding level and series.

The FAQ pages also have information for comparisons between the different series for Singapore. This was particularly helpful when I was looking at the middle and high school levels.

Here's a link for the placement tests:

I also found the forum useful in figuring out where to place a student coming in from another program.