Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Range Cooking

Here is my younger son at age 3.5 cooking himself scrambled eggs.

At that age I was turning the propane gas range on and off for him. And of course I was there supervising him closely. Actually it is pretty easy to cook eggs and there is little danger, if taught to use a spatula correctly, of burning oneself. We left the dirty pan on the range to cool before washing it.

I have recently begun reading the blog of Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids. She also is on twitter as FreeRangeKids. That is the mother from New York City who let her child (perhaps ten years old?) find his way home alone and got flack for it, and later appeared on Dr. Phil defending herself.

Photo taken January 2004 by ChristineMM.


Monica said...

I posted this to my facebook account. I don't have kids and I don't pretend to know exactly how I'd parent if I decide to become one. However, I was washing dishes at age 7 and doing laundry shortly thereafter. What kid that age does laundry and dishes these days? We don't seem to think they are capable of it even as a teenager. It's ridiculous.

This picture proves that kids are capable of doing stuff without killing themselves....if adults would just let them DO IT, which they usually seem to want to, anyway.

bravo to you and I hope any meddling gnat who finds this post minds their own business. :)

christinemm said...

In October 2008 I turned over all the family's laundry to both of my boys, then aged 11 and 8.5. That is a story for another day which I keep putting off writing about. So for the last almost nine months they do all the hauling of the laundry, washing, drying, and folding. I just fold the king-sized sheets as they are too cumbersome for them to do.

It is going well.

I will blog the story soon.

Crimson Wife said...

Parents know their own kids best. Neither of my two oldest were ready IMO for cooking with heat at 3 1/2 but I started my first at around 5.

I recently read Lenore Skenazy's book, it's excellent!