Saturday, June 20, 2009

Evidence of Learning

I asked my eleven year old to go get the mail.

He came back empty handed. "I'm sorry, I couldn't get the mail. Mud Dauber's have made a nest on the mailbox, right under the door. One Mud Dauber was looking right at me. No way was I going to open the door and get stung."

Note he didn't say wasp.

Note he didn't say "a bee".

He said "a Mud Dauber".

I have never taught him this bee species name. They must have covered it at his experiential education class either this spring or in one of the other classes for homeschoolers he's taken in the last three years there.

I love it!


Friends from Sunshine said...

Wow! That's amazing - and how old is he again?
What kind of experiential education class does he go to??
Do they take nature hikes, go to museums and events like that?

christinemm said...

That son is eleven years old.

Here are related posts that explain answers to your questions.

These are homeschool programs but similar or the same programs are offered for schooled children in after school care or as camps on vacation-mid year weeks and summer camps. These programs will exist only so long as people enroll. You have to LOOK for them and then use them to keep them running. And be willing to drive a little to get to them if they are not in your backyard. I know that is hard for dual income families with strict work schedules though.

Friends from Sunshine said...

Thanks for all the info...
I think it is a great idea. I always think hands on learning is a more fun way to learn than from just reading textbooks. The ticks thing does worry me a little bit because I've had lyme disease too before -- not fun!
But will look into this more.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

We went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday and my kids were telling me all about the animals...amazing stuff.