Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unidentified Wildflower (Later Identified)

I should hike with a plant identifcation guide in hand.

I loved these flowers but have no clue what plant this is.

Photo taken at my children's wilderness school on 5/09/09 in Connecticut. Our kids wanted to give my husband and I a tour of their place so we visited on a Saturday. I could write a whole story about just that hike but for now will just post this photo. Well I'll also say that I learned more about what they've learned that day than when I asked them in the past, "What did you do today?".

Updated 10/06/09: I believe I figured it out today. This is a wild parsnip which actually is a seed brought to the USA from Europe to grow as a garden parsnip. The seeds have escaped so some grow wild but it is the same exact plant cultivated in gardens to eat the root. I also learned this plant can create a rash when combined with sun exposure and also with sweating.

Here is a webpage with more info and photos.


Crimson Wife said...

I'm not sure what exact type of flower, but it's part of the parsley family. See here.

Angie Phipps said...

It looks like Queen Anne's Lace. It just hasn't bloomed yet.

My Boys' Teacher said...

Looks like Queen Anne's Lace, my Mom's "victorian style" garden always had them in there.

christinemm said...

Yes it does look like Queen Anne's Lace but that has white flowers. This one is yellow.