Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tick Embedded on Face Photo

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This was a busy day for us. We were either indoors at home or in other buildings. At dinnertime I asked my sons to water the vegetable garden. They were outdoors a total of 15 minutes. My son got changed into pajamas and got ready for bed. About two hours after watering the garden, at bedtime I went to put my son to bed and noticed this black thing on his face. Of course I immediately knew what it was: an embedded tick. My son said it had itched a little and he'd rubbed it a few times but never thought to look at himself in the mirror. He was horrified that it was so close to his eye and right on his face!

This reallly was small so I am unsure if it is a deer tick or if it is another kind of tick. Once I turned in a tiny tick for testing that was smaller than the deer ticks I'd seen, and the report came back from the State of Connecticut said to be a wood tick nymph.
I share these photos as I know people want to see images of ticks embedded on people (they use Google to find images and navigate to my blog).

I hope that parents will see this and train their eye to notice things that are atypical. Note how the tick's color is definately different than the color of my son's freckles.
Another reason I am sharing this is to show how just a simple 15 minutes in the yard, walking on wood mulch can result in a tick attaching to my son's clothing and later it winds up embedded on the face or scalp or other high place on the body.

No, we do not spray our yard for ticks with chemicals. This is because my understanding is that mice carry the deer ticks onto the yard after the spray is down and it does nothing to kill the ticks. Also my kids are outdoors at friend's houses, relative's houses, city and state parks, protected open space land, and at wilderness school. Paying hundreds of dollars to dump chemicals on my lawn, when we have well water, is a futile effort, a waste of money and possibly dangerous to the Earth or our own bodies.

Photo taken by ChristineMM on 5/10/09.

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Homeschool said...

That is so scary, finding a tick near the eye. I hope it came out easily. I read on a CT gov site about the percentage of ticks that carry Lyme and the various other diseases and apparently only on average about 20% carry what they test for...however they only test engorged ticks now. I worry about ticks that I might miss in their hair. I never worry after a casual walk out the back on the lawn though. I will now though! It's scary.