Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Read Weird Books?

On Mother's Day my husband said he was going to buy me an Amazon Kindle but he changed his mind because I read "weird books" that are not available for the Kindle.

Frankly I was offended. So I asked what he meant.

He explained the (good and useful and not weird topic) nonfiction books I read are often not available for the Kindle. This is true actually.

He also knows my kids want to use the Kindle but at present hardly any juvenile fiction books (ages 9-12) are on the Kindle and only some bestselling young adult fiction (ages 12-16) is available. The most common books on the Kindle are bestselling fiction or nonfiction bestsellers.

Many books I read are niche topics such as about homeschooling, education methods, education reform, health and wellness, or are parenting related.

I remain offended at the reference to good and informative, serious nonfiction books being classified as "weird" though. Good books for thinking people are not weird books, even if they are not being read by the majority of readers (statistics show that the amount of people reading nonfiction in America is a very low percentage which I find surprising and sad).

The other main reason we don't own one yet is that the Kindle books purchased cannot be swapped, shared or resold. I like to give away, swap out, or resell my used books. It bugs me to pay $10 for a Kindle book and have it never used by any other person. Having been brought up largely reading books from the public library I believe books should be shared so long as the original purchaser of them paid for the book, thereby giving the publisher and author their share of profit.

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livnletlrn said...

p.s. We haven't used dau's Kindle this way yet, but understand that PDFs can be converted for the Kindle, so we could use it to store knitting patterns that we get online in digital format.

Have had difficulty with the internet connectivity through the Kindle, which is a known issue, but look forward to being able to access Ravelry that way too. :-)