Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pinewood Derby Time Again

I think I'm burning out of Cub Scouts. In chronological years this is my sixth year in the program, but this is the eighth year when I divide it up for total years between my two children. And I've been volunteering now for between one and four jobs PER YEAR. I have been reducing my committments as the burnout has crept up.

This year the Pinewood Derby season crept up on us quickly.

To be honest my younger son was not even too excited about the race because it is kind of 'old hat' at this point.

In our family we follow the rules and the boy makes the car with minimal help from my husband, mostly with the more dangerous woodworking tools that a boy aged eight should not be using independently.

My younger son likes Lamborghinis and he decided he wanted his car to be like one. He took a die cast toy car that his brother owns. He didn't know how to sketch it so what I did was take the block of wood that the derby car is at the beginning and I traced it on its side onto paper. I then took the toy car and put it on its side. I instructed my son to look at the toy car and notice the lines of where it went up, where it curved, where it dipped and such. He made sketches on the box on the paper in pencil. We went over the lines heavily with the pencil. I then showed him how to do a simple transfer, by putting the wood on the table then the paper on top then I had him rub over the paper. When we lifted the paper up, voila! The design was transferred to the wood.

After that my husband used a power saw to cut it. My son did all the sanding and painting. He selected the color. He decided not to embellish it much.

We worked on it over the last ten days before the race. In that week I got the flu and was sick in bed with a fever. That was followed by me going out of state for a homeschooling conference. I got back home within minutes of when we had to leave for the Derby. When I got there I realized in my haste I didn't remember to bring my good camera. Also both my husband and I forgot to bring the kit with the extra weights to add a bit more if necessary, to get the car up to 5.0 ounces exactly. We wound up borrowing glue from someone and using coins from my purse. I used my old point and shoot to take photos (doesn't work well for activities like this).

As I sat to watch I admit I felt burned out of Scouts and not excited.

When my son came in third place for the Pack I was happy for him! One time my older son came in second place and my younger son, being very competitive, had hoped that once in his own five years in Cub Scouts that he would also place in the top three.

We are waiting to hear the date of the district derby. I hope we are in town on that day so my son can race against others in our district! I'll try to get my attitude adjusted before that race, I promise!

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atara said...

My hubbie can't for our son to do cub scouts! He's only five months old! LOL