Sunday, March 22, 2009

PC Problems Continue and Mice Debacle

My PC is a mess and is not fixed yet.

We dealt with Symantec Norton Anti-Virus and they could not fix the issue, saying "it is a product problem". Period.

Complainted to Symantec about paying $100 with no fix. They gave a refund.

Purchased Bit Defender which has my computer at a snail's pace. I cannot usually open my email program (Outlook Express) and when it does open it can take 20 minutes to just let me see the inbox. When I try to read an individual email often it won't let me, the program locks up and shuts down.

When using my husband's PC and our laptop the Symantec program is slowing it to a snail's pace. We need to uninstall that and install Bit Defender. Anyway I say this only because the other computers in the house are not cooperating either! What bad luck!

I cannot get into email enough to access info on BlogHer account to get new ad code to reinstate my BlogHer ads. That means I am losing money daily. Great. Apparently some spyware or malware on my system was forcing spyware ads on top of what was supposed to be a legitimate BlogHer ad.

The PC problems are such that I could not do a real blog post of anything of substance today, so this is the best it will get I guess.

The new anti-virus program keeps finding new viruses on my system. We ran several long scans today.

In my non-computer time I decided to do some gardening prep and to get two items ready to try to resell on Craig's List. It was sunny out but chilly. However in that process I found a mouse nest in my detached garage, where they overwintered, which was a total mess and took over three hours to partially clean. I saw a big fat field mouse running out near my feet which made me scream (on instinct). I am not done cleaning it yet. It is horrible and smelly, terribly smelly and I pray that the smell has not permeated the cement floor for a permanent urine odor. The mice ate the preemergent weed killer (organic) as it is corn-based. They also ate some 'good stuff' that had to be thrown away. Needed the wet-dry vac and realized it is missing its filter so could not use it, husband says he thinks we'll be forced to buy a new one now as he has no clue where the filter is. I have a vague memory of it getting ruined and him throwing it out and he thinks it is non-disposable. At the end of all of that, I found a dead mouse in the garage too. What a horrid way to spend the afternoon.

Still I do look forward to having a new big garden here this summer, veggies and herbs and flowers! Dealing with field mice in garages and sometimes in basements, attics and behind walls is a fact of life when living in the woods. It is a trade-off but I hate dealing with the gross parts like this mouse-mess.

I was reminded again about clutter and how things get wasted when not used sometimes. That could be the subject of another blog post on another day.

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