Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Sure Why I'm on Twitter But I Am

I've been testing out Twitter. I didn't get what the site did or could do for me so I joined.

My name there is ChristineMMTTM, since my usual online handle of ChristineMM was already taken by another user. My name means ChristineMM + TTM which stands for "The Thinking Mother".

I still don't really get Twitter except that I can share online article links or links to my own blog posts.

I have people following me and I can't figure out why. Most are not my friends or my blog readers. I think they found me by sharing one or more of the same following lists, such as I follow Wall Street Journal and so do they.

I do find too many posts by Wall Street Journal and wish they could narrow down the subscriptions such as having us follow their finance articles versus education versus health.

Anyhow, I figured I'd share that I'm Twittering.

If you have any explanations of how I can use Twitter better can you leave me a comment?


Henry Cate said...

"I have people following me and I can't figure out why."

That is kind of funny. I read your line to my wife.

Trying to post on a blog a couple times a day keeps me busy. Does posting on Twitter take much more time?

christinemm said...

Hi Henry,
It is hard to explain Twitter without testing it out but I will try. And as I said I don't have it figured out yet.

There is a box that we can type in up to 140 characters. The prompt they give is "what are you doing?" but people often post a couple of words about an article they read then post a tinyurl link to it.

Twitter doesn't give a person much space (like a blog does) to say who they are. It has the photo of our face and then our name. So it is hard to find a person Twitter to "follow" unless you know their name.

Despite Twitter asking for our real names (like Facebook) a number of people (like me) are using a nickname.

Some businesses are on Twitter like WSJ, other newspaers and magazines. FoxNews is there for general news stories as are some of their talk show hosts.

Right now the chatty people who say what they are doing reminds me of Facebook. Meanwhile WSJ and FoxNews clutter up my whole screen with lots of stories.

I wish there were a button to collapse a post that I already read or don't want to see in front of me every time I log in.

I guess what I could do (that I didn't start doing yet) is post on Twitter when I do a blog post with a tinyurl so anyone who wanted to read it could. However that is yet one more step in the process of blogging that takes up my time.

Henry Cate said...

Well I finally broke down and signed up for twitter.

It will be interesting to see how it goes.